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Friday, July 20, 2007

A Canada embassy and Toronto Police

Some three or four weeks ago Canadian embassy in Chile called young Chilean professionals and technicians to immigrate to Canada with their families. Canada officials appeared in all major Chilean newspapers talking about what would mean to live in peaceful and prosperous country like Canada.

But they didn't say a word about Toronto Police.

These Canada embassy officials didn't say that Toronto Police would have no scruples in using their sprays and stun guns against an official delegation of young athletes of Chile invited to a World Cup organized by Canada.

These Canada embassy officials didn't say that Toronto Police would carry football players and officials from the delegation of Chile to a tunnel of the National Stadium of Toronto and once there and out of the sight of the media, hit them all in spite they were guests of Canada.

These Canada embassy officials didn't say that Toronto Police would consider the case as closed without any investigation, in spite they had hit almost all the Chilean delegation who were Canada's guests.

These Canada embassy officials honestly wanted Chilean young professionals and technicians to immigrate to Canada, but conditions have changed now. What seemed a good opportunity three or four weeks ago, now take the form of a bad dream for young Chilean professionals and technicians.

Who wants to immigrate to a country where Police on the slightest mistake or language misunderstanding will use a stun gun on you and then dismiss the case as closed?

Thanks anyway to Canada embassy officials in Chile for their kind invitation to live in Canada side A. Now we know Canada side B: Toronto Police.

As Joseph Blatter said, all stories have a ding and a dong.




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